Rail Freight

Neutrade Company carries out the most comprehensive range of services for the delivery of goods by rail freight (import/export/transit) at any distance.

International rail freight containers are organized by required tonnage containers (from 3 to 40 tons) and all kinds of cars. Neutrade specialists have the necessary experience and expertise to develop the most profitable routes, calculate the railway transportation cost, optimize schemes and tariff involvement of rolling stock.

Rail freight transport and additional services

Neutrade Company offers its clients the following services:

  • Detailed preliminary calculation of tariffs for rail freight from railway station to destination;
  • Optimization of routes and transport conditions of any goods;
  • Complex legal cargo support: customs, transportation and other necessary documentsclearance, cargo insurance andetc.;
  • Payment of any additional tariffs, as well as other services related to the carriage of goods by rail freight through the territory of one or another country of destination (security, customs declaration, agency and forwarding, different customs duties, etc.);
  • Deliveryby the“door to door” system.

Our competitive advantage

Neutrade Company works in the freight market for over 10 years. During this time we have completed thousands of orders, acquired a reliable and reputable partners. Turning to our company, you are guaranteed to get:

  • Integrated service delivery;
  • Strictly individual, personalized approach;
  • Possibility of cooperation with reliable partners;
  • Ability to track goods in transit.

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We are in the business of moving our customers cargo from origin to destination efficiently and effectively, being all that they need.

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