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Neutrade Company successfully works in the market of freight forwarding services for many years. The main specialization of the Company is the international carriage of goods by road, air, ocean and rail freight, as well as multi-modal transportation.

We provide international cargo transportation in all directions: from Western, Central, Eastern and Southern Europe to North and South America, Southeast Asia, India and Russia, as well as provide transportation within the country. We deliver complete, modular, dangerous, oversized, long loads, as well as provide services for national freight.

Our transportation and logistics company delivers goods from door to door, as well as provides additional services for customs goods clearance throughout the world. We offer high quality services, offering its customers competitive prices, fast order processing, daily record of the cargo location en route, reliability and short delivery times.

The Company employs professionals who speak English, German, Italian, French and Polish. All employees are highly qualified professionals in the field of freight transport, who received mandatory training and annually reaffirm their qualifications.

By choosing our Company, you get expert level consultations in the process of transportation organizing, information about the goods arrival, selection of the optimal cargo method, as well as the freight cost calculation.

Neutrade Company represents the guaranteed safety of cargo transportation on all the time, accurate information tracking and delivery of goods across the whole world at the optimum time with accurately services cost calculating.

Call us today at +35725823361 or email online@neutrade.eu

We are in the business of moving our customers cargo from origin to destination efficiently and effectively, being all that they need.

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